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Nice to meet you on the page of the medical center, which deals with the treatment and recovery of the body, using a combination of eastern and western methods of treatment and disease prevention.

Being a neurologist, an acupuncturist and a homeopath I use the methods of oriental medicine (acupuncture, warming, cappings), homeopathy, traditional Western medicine (if necessary) in my everyday work, various blockades, manual techniques Post-isometric relaxation), special facial massage techniques.

In addition to treatment, special techniques for maintaining youth and beauty have been developed and patented. I am the author and holder of the patent for the invention «Method of non-surgical facial lifting».

Eastern medicine (I mean, acupuncture, moxibustion, point and cupping) has gone a long way — from the 27th century BC. up to the present day, its principles and approaches to treatment have almost not changed. To correct pathological conditions, it pays great attention to the complex approach to the body, the way of life and thought of the patient. Most importantly, these methods can not harm the people! There are, however, and its drawbacks — what a sin to conceal. Not all pathological conditions can be successfully treated with these methods. There are many reasons for that: the severity of the condition, the qualifications of the doctor, the choice of acupuncture methods, etc.

Western medicine has made great strides recently, but its principles and approaches for treating and understanding the reasons of disease change almost every 10 years. The pharmaceutical industry has satiated us with almost all the necessary molecular preparations, which, like firefighters, very quickly and effectively «extinguish» the symptoms of the disease, but, unfortunately, can not make us healthier. Evidence of this is the huge number of side effects, allergic reactions, chronic viral infections due to decreased immunity.

My philosophy is a reasonable combination of oriental and western methods, as well as a holistic approach to our body — a pledge of effective treatment.

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Maryna Rubanista, Ph.D.

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